Site-specific performance combining arts and technology.
Tags: modern dance, performance, myth, interactive visual art, multimedia, live experimental music
Tereza Kerle, Tomáš Kerle, Pavel Karafiát

The main idea of Trans-formace project is to create an original site-specific performance which presents the vital connection of archetypal images of human consciousness and the particular place. Each topos is whispering its mystery, but it comes alive in our mind only if we „tame the wild ox“ and listen carefully. In this very moment the transformation begins… Even though the main narrative thread stays the same, the shape of performance always becomes new and different as the performers experience the inner quality of the site. The dance, body movements, live music and visuals reflect and embody the atmosphere of the place to create unique artistic expression.

Photography: Pavel Karafiát, Lukáš Zídka, Linda Nezhybová
galerie Emila Filly v Ústí nad Labem, CZ, 26. 11. 2013
Studio Hrdinů, Veletržní Palác, Praha, CZ, 6. 12. 2013